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5 Best ways to lead Peaceful life…

Everyone today is engaged to make their lives wealthy, so that they may lead a peaceful life. What is meant by a happy life? Scientific studies have stated that no matter how we are born, or where we are born, the way we are going to lead our life in between our birth to death, defines a happy life for us. Here are 5 simple ways to lead a happy life.

Prioritize what you need the most:

Each and every one of us should prioritize our needs, people, etc.., in our life.  We feel everything and everyone are important. What is ultimately important above all matters. The most important part of prioritization is placing ourselves first. Afterward parents, siblings, friends, personal growth, social service, etc… Making priorities helps to realize what you need the most. If your not clear with your choices, it becomes difficult to manage time in your life. It is also important to make sure that your priorities do not cause harm to you.



Be optimistic:

Ingredients for happy life


Being positive and confident with our thoughts plays an important role to maintain peace, in one’s life. None of us can go back and change what has happened, or none of us can do something to change what’s going to happen. So thinking that everything is going to happen well, and being pessimistic causes no harm. No achievement is going to give happiness without the struggle. Fruit is always tastier when it’s from your own plant. It’s better to act upon the situation which is troubling you by thinking about what you can do, rather than questioning yourself why that happened to you.

Be friendly:

The only way people are going to know about you is when you start being friends with them. Many unanswered questions, many problems may find a solution when you start sharing them. Being an introvert may lead you towards depression. Along with finding solutions people can understand you well and try to make you happy. If you cannot express everything with anyone then start writing your personal diary, because the lifeless papers may give you moments to cherish on.




Manage stress:

In the competitive world around, juggling work, family, commitments, etc.. every one of us is subjected to stress at one time or other.  Sometimes stress is good because it helps to motivate us at work. But some scientific studies state that if you cannot handle stress properly, it may lead to fighting in between friends and family. Although taking stress has become a  compulsion, you can do something only when you come out of stress. Some ways to relieve stress is to take a walk, listen to music, take a walk in open air, dance, hanging out with people you like, exercise, relax your muscles, etc…


Inculcate healthy habits:

It’s important to care about yourself. Including a healthy diet in our daily life can prevent us from falling as bait for 90% of the problems. The healthy diet includes having bodybuilding foods, juices, etc…It’s important to maintain time to time diet. Along with a healthy diet, it’s also mandatory to do exercise daily. Practicing of yoga and meditation helps to lead a peaceful life. Exercising boosts up your confidence helps to become more creative, etc…



Not everything you need is going to happen in your life. Not everyone can follow their dreams. Following dreams makes us happy, but sacrificing them for someone you prioritize the most in your life is not a crime. Dwelling on what you don’t have leaves us with anything. Without hard times we are cannot appreciate our happiness. Being grateful for what we have, makes our life more beautiful. Remember that everyone is facing struggles in one form or other. Persistence and mindfulness yield a happy and joyous life.

Peacefulness helps you to stay happy. Happy life makes you stay healthier. Following simple steps in your gives you a peaceful life. Practicing all these ways in our helps us to lead our life with the healthiest wealth.


With best wishes NISHKALA KODUKULA

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